A Personal Message to My Patients

Two events in my childhood led me into the field of medicine. First, a perfect score on a high school Regents exam in math prompted a counselor to query: “Have you ever thought of becoming a doctor?” Then, at age 16, my grandfather and best friend, Daddy John, suffered a fatal heart attack in front of my eyes. I naively vowed, then and there, to become a physician and never again lose someone I love to a sudden and unexpected death.

Today, as a primary care physician for 31 years, I am blessed to have a full, busy concierge medicine practice with patients I know well and care about deeply. In turn, I am humbled and grateful to be able to say that my patients are extremely loyal to me, they are my friends, they are my family. Some patients I care for today are the fourth generation in their family to be with me. This has made the practice of medicine extremely fulfilling for me.

I believe my transition to a personalized/concierge medical practice has allowed me to continue to devote as much time, expertise, and compassion as needed for every patient. My practice is the way I’ve always wanted it to be: free from time constraints and as if I were, indeed, taking care of a member of my own family. I feel privileged to be a personal physician.


Scott M. Wigginton, MD